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Indigenous Scholarships

Only 65% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students complete year 12, so we’re funding scholarships so that every student has an equal chance.

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Every ticket counts

$54 = 1 day

scholarship to one of Australia's best schools

Our impact

1,700 days

days of scholarships

Our target

10 million

days of scholarship by 2030

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This education gap must be closed

Indigenous students face many unique challenges that have made education gaps difficult to close. Those in regional, rural and remote communities in particular have to contend with geographic barriers, with only 24% of these students having access to a school that offers study to Year 12.

Whilst there has been improvements over the years, these structural challenges have seen the Year 12 attainment rates for Indigenous Australians remain over 27% below non-Indigenous Australians. Together let’s help close this gap.

How we deliver our scholarship program

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Full scholarship to top schools

Students from regional, rural or remote communities apply for the scholarship, which covers tuition, boarding, books and uniforms.

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Pathways and Support

The students receive career guidance, work experience and support post-school to aid in the transition to higher education, vocational training and employment.

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How you can help

We’re a unique charity, in that we don’t ask for donations (though you are welcome to offer).

Project delivery partners

We believe in impact with evidence, not just good intentions. That’s why we work with expert delivery partners, to make sure all our projects are making long lasting, systemic change.

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Our scholarship program is delivered in partnership with Yalari’s network of 24 partner schools.

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“Education is an opportunity for our mobs to support and promote families to participate in life autonomy, take control of their opportunities and create a platform for the next generation to enhance their wellbeing.”

Dr Vanessa Lee, University of Sydney academic

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