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The How And Why Behind Our Partner Charities

Jul 15th 2022

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We love tickets, and we think education is the ticket to opportunity for many disadvantaged youths (see what we did there?). But we’re not the experts on how to deliver the best programs to close the education gap. In fact, to be completely honest, we’re not even experts on evaluating and assessing the impact of different charities, let alone actual delivery. That’s a whole other ball game to ticketing. (Side note: we’re big fans of charity evaluators like GiveWell and The Life You Can Save who conduct rigorous research to help donors participate in effective giving. If you’re interested, we recommend you read this guide on how to find an effective charity by Giving What We Can). So how do we choose our partners?

Humanitix is a registered charity itself, with a volunteer Board of Directors. It's important that our impact partners’ missions and values align with Humanitix. We also want to ensure that we are funding high-impact charities with a proven track record for sustainable impact.

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To ensure we create a measurable and positive impact on the issues that matter to us, we partner with the Atlassian Foundation’s research team to choose our impact partners in Australia, US, and abroad. We are incredibly lucky to be philanthropically funded and supported by the Atlassian Foundation, which is a major global foundation with world-class expertise for evaluating education charities. Atlassian Foundation leverages Atlassian’s resources to deliver greater opportunities for disadvantaged young people, through:

  • Supporting innovation at each of these stages:
    • Discovery: piloting the experimentation of new and less proven approaches
    • Test: undertaking rigorous evaluation of existing solutions and intervention
    • Scale: scaling established models that are well-positioned to promote large systemic change
  • Building an education ecosystem: initiatives which create sector-level knowledge and infrastructure to support and build a robust education ecosystem necessary to support large-scale systems change.

This vetting process allows us to fund partners who have a proven track record of delivering high-impact initiatives for humanity. And it doesn’t stop there - the Atlassian Foundation itself is not the be-all, end-all. Their work is also consistently being reviewed by independent organisations so that they can hold themselves accountable to their values. (Check out the findings of the Grantee Perception Report conducted by the Centre for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) which was commissioned by Atlassian Foundation in 2021 to obtain candid and substantive insights into their effectiveness based on anonymous feedback from the projects funded.)

Students from Manaiakalani's digital literacy program with their laptops

Similarly, in New Zealand, we partner with the NEXT Foundation which invests in multi-year initiatives in education and environment that are transformational, inspirational, and commercially savvy. Education projects supported are those that contribute to New Zealand’s long-term knowledge capital and performance. Projects supported have demonstrated that they:

  • Have the potential to be significant in scale and impact
  • Overcome a specific problem, address a current need, or create a future opportunity
  • Are well supported by research and analysis
  • Have good management and governance
  • Have measurable outcomes at various stages of the project.
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Whilst the education programs we fund are vetted by these amazing partners and foundations, our impact doesn’t stop there. Every non-profit in the world can directly benefit from Humanitix as we donate the profits from their specific events back to them by giving them access to our event ticketing platform at our sustainable cost price. We have reduced costs for thousands of non-profits who have switched to the humane choice for tickets, allowing their resources to go further to contribute more towards their cause and generate even more impact!

Jenny Chung
Jenny Chung

Chief of Staff at Humanitix

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